Past Meetups

Vue.js + D3: Creating Beautiful Visualizations (2019.8.14)

Hello Weather - Let's explore Vue Native together! (2019.7.24)

CSS Modules in Vue.js (2019.6.19)

Lightning Talks (2019.5.15)

Speakers and Topics:

  • Dean Wagner: A Case Study on Firebase/Vue/Vuetify
  • Chris Guirreri: Nexus (private NPM hosting) + Vue
  • Thibaud Morel: Using WebSockets in Vue.js
  • Matthew Wojtowicz: Introduction to Gridsome

VueConf.US 2019 Highlights! (2019.4.17)


  • Chris Guirreri (Politico)
  • Tracey Holinka (Bloomberg BNA)
  • Brad Balfour (Bloomberg)
  • Andrew Krawchyk (Optoro)
  • Ben Hong (GitLab)


Vue at Phone2Action Lessons for Testing Routing (2019.3.13)

Speakers and Topics:

  • Testing Vue With Test Cafe and Mock Backends by Ben Scheib (Phone2Action)
  • Vue-Router: The Practical Side by JP Mugabe (Phone2Action)
  • Running a Horse Show with Vue by Bryan Strong

Slides & Demo Code

Optoro's Next Steps with Vue.js (2019.2.13)

VueDC Lightning Talks 2019! (2019.1.16)

Speakers and Topics:

  • "Thinking Outside The Box With Vue" by Matt Morgante (@Havesomegante)
  • "Learning Vue Components on a GitHub Pages Site" by Benjamin Ortiz
  • "Composing Code for Reuse" by Matt Doig (@dogwith1eye)
  • "Vue Patterns - Learnings going from Backbone to Vue" by Thibaud Morel (@teebesz)
  • "Page Structure APIs and Dynamic Components" by Evan Sanderson


VueDC Workshops: Let's Add TypeScript (2018.12.12)

Vue CLI 3 Walkthrough (2018.10.17)

Storybook and Storyshot Testing w/ Vue.js (2018.09.19)

Testing in Vue.js (2018.06.20)

Vue.js – Beyond REST to GraphQL (2018.03.14)

Not Quite a Library: Reusing Components Before You're Sure How (2018.02.13)

Vue.js 201 (2018.01.17)

  • Speaker: Christian Guirreri (Politico)
  • Demos

Vue.js 101 (2017.12.06)